Self Storage Unit Burglary Prevention (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Thursday, February 09, 2012, 01:00 (2568 days ago)

The Abilene Police Department continues to advocate that crime prevention is most effective when our citizens are informed and when they take appropriate steps to work with law enforcement. We continually ask our citizens to be the first-line of defense in preventing crime. Recently the department has once again taken reports for burglaries involving self-storage units. Based on our preliminary investigation, there appears to be a false notion that any padlock provides adequate protection. On the contrary, a standard padlock with an exposed shackle may not be suitable for your protection needs.

We are urging our citizens who utilize self-storage units to carefully decide on their protection needs and urge them to work with the management staff at their self-storage company to find a suitable padlock. In January 2011, we mailed a letter to each of the self-storage facilities in Abilene that contained an informational fact sheet concerning the use of quality padlocks. We have consistently seen that a hardened target is a clear deterrent against thieves. We have also seen that a standard padlock is easily defeated by thieves. Some people think that an inexpensive lock is suitable to secure their high dollar valuables. This is absolutely the wrong approach. However, a lock costing just a few more dollars can make all the difference in helping to keep your valuables more secure.

Join me tomorrow (February 10th) morning at a local self-storage facility where I will highlight the above. I will be at 3617 Dub Wright Blvd. at 9:00 AM.

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