Update: Graffiti Investigations (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Thursday, March 22, 2012, 02:00 (2526 days ago)

The Abilene Police Department has recently completed lengthy investigations into criminal acts of graffiti that occurred during the last week of January and the month of February. During these months, several businesses and residences were targeted with graffiti.

Two separate investigations took their course:

1. Officers with the Responsive Intelligence Division, Street Crimes Unit (SCU), conducted an investigation that consumed approximately 230 man-hours and resulted in the questioning of numerous persons. The investigation led to the identification of three adult suspects. Charges in these cases range from misdemeanors to felonies. The exhaustive effort put in by SCU resulted in eight (8) cases being generated from victims that had not initially reported the crime. A total of 15 criminal acts were cleared through these investigations involving 13 victims. The cases involved several businesses in the Butternut corridor and elsewhere. A concerned citizen provided information that led to the identification of one of the adult suspects. These cases were filed with the Taylor County District Attorney’s Office. Arrest warrants for the adult suspects were issued on 03/20/12.

2. Officers from the Youth Division conducted an investigation that led to the identification of one juvenile offender for the criminal act of graffiti to a residence. That case has been referred to the juvenile courts after placing a juvenile offender into custody for the offense.

The department continues to encourage our community to help in the prevention and eradication of graffiti by reporting it to our department, and removing it from their property. Several victims took the opportunity to not only report the crime, but to pursue prosecution. However, several cases have been closed because some victims have declined to press charges. Though extremely challenging, the culmination of the hard work from the men and women of the Abilene Police Departments highlights the determination made in our action plan to detect, investigate, identify as many suspects as possible, and to file those cases with the Taylor County District Attorney’s office.

The information below refers to the adult suspects charged and/or arrested during this investigation.

1. Arrest Pending (Subject Out of State): Samuel Cody Durham, DOB: 02/25/92
2. Arrested: Tanner Matthew Northcutt, DOB: 04/22/93
3. Arrested: Nolan Chase Wheeler, DOB: 03/26/93

Samuel Durham

Tanner Northcutt

Nolan Wheeler

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