Car Crash on I-20 (Press Release)

by Traffic Division, Friday, June 01, 2012, 02:00 (2457 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – Early this morning at about 1:45 am, Abilene Police Department Dispatch began receiving notifications from concerned citizens that a motor vehicle was driving the wrong way on I-­‐20, traveling westbound in the eastbound lane. APD Dispatch then began to receive additional calls about this reckless driver.

The suspect vehicle was eventually identified by a caller as a Dodge pickup truck. APD Dispatch notified adjoining law enforcement agencies to ensure their help if needed and to alert them of this hazardous situation in case the driver continued towards their jurisdiction.

Within a short span of time, a motor vehicle crash was reported to APD. That crash occurred near mile marker 285 and involved a Jeep Cherokee. Officer Paul Martinez was dispatched to the crash while other officers continued to respond towards the reckless driver. A witness to the crash called APD a second time and informed APD that the crash that had just occurred on I-­‐20 was caused by the reckless driver.

Officer Martinez arrived at the crash scene and learned that a Jeep Cherokee occupied solely with a male driver, had taken evasive actions to avoid crashing into the reckless driver. In doing so, the driver of the Jeep lost control, and the Jeep flipped. Abilene Fire Department was dispatched to the scene of this crash and had to extricate the driver from the Jeep. The driver was taken to Hendrick Medical Center by ambulance in serious condition.

While investigating the crash, APD was notified by a witness that the subject vehicle had now turned around and was driving eastbound on I-­‐20. APD officers were nearby and converged on the reckless driver. However, the reckless driver drove all the way back towards the crash scene at mile marker 285 where Officer Martinez was investigating the crash. A witness then reported that the reckless driver struck a police vehicle and was pushing the police car. The police vehicle was not occupied and its emergency lights were activated. It was a vehicle Officer Martinez had driven to the crash scene.

Officer Patrick Sumrall was closing in on the subject vehicle as the subject vehicle backed up and then began to flee the scene of this secondary accident. Officer Sumrall contacted the reckless driver in the 800 block of E. Stamford Street.
Officer Sumrall’s investigation revealed that the driver had the smell of alcohol coming from his person. The driver was given field sobriety tests which he failed. The driver was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. A blood sample was taken. Damage to the police vehicle was minor. This investigation continues.

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