Third Quarter 2012 Crime Statistics (Press Release)

by Police Administration, Tuesday, October 09, 2012, 02:00 (2326 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – The Abilene Police Department currently has 191 police officers providing services for over 117,000 residents. For that to be effective, the community and the police department must work together. Frequently I tell citizens that they are the first line of defense against crime. Therefore, in an effort to ensure our citizens are fully aware of crime in their city, I have endeavored to communicate crime stats quarterly.

The quarter that just ended, July through September, saw a 7% increase in violent crime and a nearly 2% decrease in property crimes when comparing the same period of time last year. Though mixed news, I am grateful for the reduction in property crimes, but I am alarmed by the violent crime increase in our city. Through September, we have experienced two murders, 31 forcible rapes, 91 robberies and 206 aggravated assaults. Specific trends observed in this last quarter include armed robberies and the targeting of small electronics in both car and residential burglaries. Regarding robberies, the community experienced 11 offenses in a four week timespan, thus pulling tremendous police resources. Fortunately, many arrests have been made, including four arrests involving convenience store robberies and three arrests involving a bank robbery. Regarding residential and commercial burglaries, items being targeted include cell phones, cameras, televisions, gaming systems, and GPS’s. The primary method and point of entry for these burglaries is forced entry through a doorway. Concerning car burglaries, I am very unhappy to report that more than 70% of all burglarized cars involved were unsecure. That behavior must change if citizens truly believe they are part of the solution as first-line defenders against crime. As a minimum, our citizens must remove all valuables from their vehicle and lock their cars.

Please know that crime can only exist when three factors are present – desire, ability, and opportunity. As a community, we can only control opportunity. So let us work together to reduce criminal opportunity in our community. I offer these practical steps:

1. First and foremost, please know that you are the first line of defense against crime. Crime impacts all of us, so you must take this seriously if you are to reduce criminal opportunity.

2. Regarding home burglaries, we encourage our citizens to record make, model, and serial number on all valuables within their home. There is a free website that we would like to offer so that you can record this information – Click on the citizen property inventory system named “Report It.” We recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen property every year, but tragically most citizens have no idea what property belongs to them.

3. Our third action item is simply to remind our citizens that the most important aspect of crime fighting involves being a good witness – we need citizens to call and report suspicious or illegal activities.

4. And lastly, I want to remind everyone of our shared mission statement – we work together to build a community of the highest quality for present and future generations. Let’s work together to ensure crime rates do not continue to increase.

Chief Stan Standridge

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