Hearing Examiner Appeal (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Friday, April 03, 2015, 14:20 (1417 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – On July 11, 2014, Chief of Police Stan Standridge issued Lt. Brad Wilson a Notice and Order of Suspension that indefinitely suspended him from the Abilene Police Department. The Police Department is a civil service entity, so an indefinite suspension is equivalent to a termination. The suspension stemmed from a criminal investigation conducted by the Texas Rangers and an internal investigation conducted by the Department’s Professional Standards Unit.

The criminal investigation alleges Exploitation of the Elderly and Misapplication by a Fiduciary. That case was filed by a Texas Ranger with the Taylor County District Attorney in November 2014. It is awaiting Grand Jury review. In addition to the criminal allegations, the internal investigation alleged and sustained violations of Untruthfulness, Abide by Laws and Performance of Duty, all of which are codified in the Department’s Operating Procedures manual.

Brad Wilson appealed the Department’s decision to a hearing examiner. The two day hearing began on March 17, 2015. Testimony was heard from Brad Wilson and Department employees, including the Chief of Police. On April 2, 2015, the hearing examiner returned a final decision regarding Wilson’s appeal. The examiner stated, “…the finding in this case must be that the indefinite suspension of the Appellant [Wilson] was an appropriate discipline for the sustained conduct. Accordingly, the appeal in this case must be denied.” This decision cannot be appealed.

Chief Standridge thanks City Legal for their expertise regarding these matters. The City of Abilene is well served by a professional, accountable police department.

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