Officer Allen Death Investigation Update (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Thursday, September 03, 2015, 16:04 (1268 days ago)

ABILENE TX- Information has been circulated via social media from citizens and other law enforcement agencies regarding Officer Allen’s death. Stories such as anti-police rhetoric being written on the walls and stories of torture are absolutely false. This type of activity unnecessarily traumatizes a grieving family and creates the potential for false leads. We are simply asking people to stop circulating that information. If information regarding this case does not originate with the Department of Public Safety or the Abilene Police Department, please do not assume it is true. We have no information right now to indicate this was a random targeting event of a law enforcement officer. We are not ruling that out, we just simply cannot say that it is right now. Regardless of the motive, there is a dangerous criminal or criminals out there and we need the public’s help to find them.

I want to address our local media partners for just a moment. Your conduct in the aftermath of this tragedy has been outstanding. We truly appreciate your willingness to distribute information in the public interest on our behalf. You are the vehicle on which this information will be distributed to the public. Law enforcement needs your continued help. Please continue to assist us by conveying truthful and accurate information as you have done so far.

Second: We are seeking the identity of two people who were seen near Officer Allen’s house around the time of the murder. They are described as a tall thin white male and a dark haired white or Hispanic female. These two people were seen exiting a late 90’s maroon 4 door passenger car.

If you have any information regarding the identity of these two people or the location of the vehicle, please contact us. We have set up two methods of relaying information to investigators.

First you can call 325-676-6598. This is a tip line that has been created specifically for this investigation. When you call that number, a recorded message will answer asking that you leave your tip and your contact information so investigators can get in touch with you. That recorded message will be automatically sent to a computer that is being monitored. The information provided in the tip will then be passed to investigators.

Second, you can email This email address has also been set up for this investigation. Those emails will be sent to the same computers as the voicemails. As always you can also contact Crime Stoppers at 325-676-TIPS or 676-8477.

Thirdly, The Texas Rangers have a Forensic Sketch Artist on site. Sketches are being created as we speak. We will distribute those sketches as soon as they are available.

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