by Public Information Officer, Monday, October 26, 2015, 15:54 (1213 days ago)

On 10/26/15, the Abilene Police Department began receiving reports from multiple citizens regarding fraudulent transactions appearing on their First Financial Bank Accounts. The fraudulent transactions occurred at ATM's in multiple cities across the state. The Abilene Police Department is in contact with First Financial Bank and the applicable law enforcement entities regarding these offenses. We are in the process of gathering information from the victims at this time.

APD is encouraging our citizens to check their bank accounts and report any fraudulent transactions. You may contact the Abilene Police Department at 325-673-8331 to make a report. Please have your card number, the amount, and the location of the transaction (if known) at the time of the report.


Sgt. Lynn Beard
Abilene Police Department

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