Door-to-door solicitors Misrepresenting themselves as City Employees (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Monday, December 21, 2015, 09:08 (1154 days ago)

ABILENE TX- In August, the City of Abilene and the Abilene Police Department warned residents of solicitors falsely claiming to represent the City of Abilene Water Department. The city has received recent complaints of solicitors going door-to-door stating or implying that they are City of Abilene employees from the Water Department. These sales people are not associated with the City of Abilene, nor are they permitted to sell door-to-door.

The complaints say these unscrupulous people are using pressure tactics to try and sell a product to the homeowner or threatening to cut services.

Soliciting door-to-door without a permit in the City of Abilene is a criminal offense. Door-to-door solicitors must be permitted by the City of Abilene and prominently display their permit while soliciting.

If a resident comes in contact with a solicitor who is claiming to be associated with the City of Abilene, and/or unable to provide a permit, that resident is encouraged to contact the Abilene Police Department non-emergency line at 325-673-8331.

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