Death Investigation (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Wednesday, February 01, 2017, 11:29 (680 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – On the morning of Wednesday, February 1, 2017, at approximately 3:20 a.m., Abilene Police Communications received multiple calls regarding a subject in the area of State Highway 351 and Interstate 20. The callers reported a white male on foot, blocking traffic and stopping cars. One caller described the subject as “drunk off his tail” and another stated he was “hyped up on something”.

Officers from the Abilene Police Department and ACU Police Department responded. The subject was located near the intersection of Highway 351 and Overland Trail. He had stopped a passing motorist and climbed onto the hood of a motorist’s vehicle. The subject appeared intoxicated.

Officers had the subject get off the vehicle and he was taken into custody. As the subject was being moved into a patrol car, officers noticed that the subject appeared to be in medical distress. Medical personnel, who were on the scene, began evaluating the subject. The subject’s medical condition continued to deteriorate and he was transported to Hendrick Medical Center by ambulance. Treatment at the hospital was unsuccessful and the subject died.

The cause of the subject’s medical distress and death is unknown at this time. Justice of the Peace Sparky Dean ordered that an autopsy be conducted by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner.

As is customary in cases of in-custody deaths, several inquiries are underway. Included in the inquiries are the Taylor County Justice of the Peace, Abilene Police Criminal Investigation Division, Abilene Police Office of Professional Standards and the Texas Rangers.

Next of kin has been notified. The deceased is Jeremy Johnston (11/16/74) of Abilene.
Additional information will be released as this death investigation continues.


Rick Tomlin
Public Information Coordinator

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