“Secret Shopper” Scams (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 02:00 (3069 days ago)

The Abilene Police Department Fraud Unit has been investigating a number of the “Secret Shopper” or “Mystery Shopper” scams. These scams are being advertised in several different web based sites such as Craig’s List and Monster.com among others as employment opportunities. This is a variation of the “Nigerian Scam.”

In the last reported scam the victim received money orders for $870.00. Victim was supposed to cash the money order, subtract $100.00 as a fee, then wire transfer $770.00 to another location. The money orders are counterfeit. This victim lost close to $9,000.00.

There is always email dialogue between victim and the suspects who are most often not in the U.S.

Any internet based business that requires a person to receive a financial instrument such as a check or money order and then make a subsequent wire transfer will be 100% fraud with most of the proceeds going out of the country as part of organized crime.

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