Church Scams (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 02:00 (2819 days ago)

Recently there have been two reported scams that have targeted local churches. Both are variations on the same theme. In the first call a person posing as a police officer called a local church and told them that two of the church members had been involved in an automobile accident. The caller went on to request the church to wire transfer a sum of money to help with the funeral arrangements.

The second call was also made to a local church and claimed that the daughter of one of the members had been involved in an automobile accident and needed $1200.00 in the form of a wire transfer to repair the car.

No police agency will call and ask you to wire transfer any money as a result of an accident. The scammers in this case are trying to deliver shocking news to someone at the church in the hopes that they will act before questioning its validity.

The Abilene Police Department recommends that if someone calls and asked for an emergency wire transfer for any reason we suggest you verify the circumstances prior to sending any money. If you are unable to verify a caller’s information please call the Abilene Police Department at (325) 673-8331 and we can assist in a situation such as this.

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