Traffic Control at Cross-Town High School Football Game (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Thursday, October 04, 2012, 02:00 (2331 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – On the evening of this coming Friday, October  5,  2012,  the  Abilene  Police  Department’s  (APD)   Traffic Division expects an increased level of vehicular and pedestrian traffic around Shotwell Stadium for the anticipated high school football game between Abilene and Cooper High Schools. The anticipated crowd of about 13,000 attendees is expected to provide higher than normal traffic congestion.

To relieve the anticipated traffic congestion after the game and to lessen the likelihood of a pedestrian involved vehicle collision, specific traffic control adjustments will be in effect by the end of the football game. The traffic flow will  specifically  change  at  the  game’s  fourth  quarter.  Vehicles traveling on E. South 11th Street will not be permitted to enter Expo Drive during this period of time due to the outflow of traffic at this intersection.

For those persons driving back to Shotwell Stadium to pick-up friends or family, you are asked to enter the northwest entrance to the stadium area that leads to the west side of the stadium. This entrance is just west of Expo  Drive  and  is  accessible  on  E.  South  11th’s  frontage  road. If you plan on picking anyone up from the stadium, please remind those persons being picked up to be prepared to meet you on the west access road by the stadium.

APD officers will be directing traffic and we ask for your patience as we will be clearing out volumes of traffic. APD officers will be very busy directing traffic and your attention to their hand signals is requested. We hope that traffic enforcement at this event helps everyone leave safely and with limited disruption. Please see the attached diagram for further information. Thank you.


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