Sexual Assault UCR Reporting (Press Release)

by Police Administration, Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 01:00 (3261 days ago)

In calendar year 2009, the police department reported 119 sexual assaults to the FBI for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) purposes. UCR policies state that an agency must classify rapes or attempts accomplished by force or threat of force. However, unless force was used against the victim, agencies must not classify statutory rape, incest, or other sex offenses, i.e. forcible sodomy and forcible fondling, as Forcible Rape.

One of the reasons Abilene saw a large spike in sexual assaults for 2009 is due to incorrect reporting to UCR, for which I take full responsibility. Three things contributed to this error, including: the retiring of our UCR Clerk and her subsequent replacement; the reassignment of a Detective who reviewed and corrected UCR numbers when needed; and a new Records Management System that did not differentiate Forcible Rape from non-reportable offenses like statutory rape, incest, and forcible fondling. For 2009, all sex offenses were incorrectly reported to UCR, instead of only those classified as Forcible Rape or Attempted Forcible Rape.

The number of forcible rapes since 2000 confirms this anomaly. They are as follows: year 2000 – 40 reported offenses; 2001 – 66; 2002 – 63; 2003 – 68; 2004 – 55; 2005 – 76; 2006 – 62; 2007 – 90; 2008 – 91; 2010 – 67. The correct reporting of forcible rape was addressed in early 2010 when we first learned about the incorrect reporting.

It should be noted that sexual assaults will never be about the numbers. Instead, these numbers are victims of our community who will forever be impacted. I regret that even one has occurred. I assure this community that Abilene remains a great place to live.


Stan Standridge
Chief of Police

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