BB Gun Vandalism Investigation (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 14:18 (1670 days ago)

A rash of recent BB gun incidents occurred during the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 22, 2014. Initial reporting by dozens of victims spurred an investigation that continues today, but has resulted in arrests. On late Friday afternoon, July 25th, detectives with the Youth and Criminal Investigation Divisions made some great headway into this investigation by identifying and questioning multiple suspects. A total of seven suspects were identified and resulted in the arrest of two young adults. Additionally, two teenage juveniles were also criminally responsible for some of these incidents and they were placed into custody and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center for the offense of felony Criminal Mischief.

This investigation broke when a Traffic Division officer observed a possible suspect vehicle involved in this case and alerted fellow detectives. The investigation revealed that the vehicle in question was a suspect vehicle involved in this crime spree. The investigation also revealed the following: three suspect vehicles were linked to these incidents. One of the vehicles contained four BB pistols and BB’s, which were subsequently seized. Initial damage appraisals continue to come in to our Department from victims. This process will take more time before final damage estimates can be accurately assessed. The Department anticipates that damage estimates will probably exceed over $20,000 and involve over 100 victims. Victims involved in these incidents need to contact the Criminal Investigation Division to set up appointments so they can provide their written damage estimates and any related photographs of damage.

Adults arrested for felony Criminal Mischief were identified as Jarron O. Barnett and Taquan D. Brown, both age 17. The investigation continues and will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

It seems once a year we have such crime sprees, when persons decide to willfully destroy other people’s property. We have a simple message – these are felony offenses and they will be investigated aggressively. These are not pranks. They are crimes. We sincerely regret that more than 100 of our citizens had to get more repairs to their vehicles, after already replacing windows due to hail damage. I can only assure you that we have found those responsible, and now they will be held responsible!

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