Animal Bite Call (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Thursday, June 23, 2016, 15:47 (972 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – A three year old child was bitten in the head area by a dog at an apartment complex located on the 4000 block of Lynwood. Dispatch received the call just after 2:50 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Police arrived to find the three year old was bleeding from his face from an apparent dog bite. The child received medical treatment on the scene but was not transported to the hospital. Animal Control arrived on the scene and took control of the dog.

The dog is described as a Pit Bull or Rottweiler breed. The dog was located near the apartment where the child resides. The dog is required to remain in quarantine for 10 days after the incident. The investigation into this incident ongoing and being handled by Animal Control.

Rick Tomlin
Public Information Coordinator

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