Press Conference 1-19-18 (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Friday, January 19, 2018, 15:10 (485 days ago)

January 19, 2018

Media Update
Chief Stan Standridge

This week has been busy, as is the norm for your police department. As you may recall, Academy Class 55 started on January 8th with 18 cadets. Since then, we have lost two of them, so we are down to 16 and hoping all are successful in their yearlong training programs. Our current authorized sworn strength is 200, which includes three lateral officers who were hired from other police agencies.

We began the week by investigating a missing person. On Friday, January 12th, we received several reports of shots fired near the 400 block of Fannin. One of the calling parties was a woman, and she reported that she heard 3 or 4 gunshots. She also told us that a vehicle was in the 400 block of Fannin, with the door open. Patrol officers responded but found no victim. They recovered (3) 9mm casings. After alerting the hospitals to no avail, they completed a report and sent it to CID. On Monday morning, CID began investigating this shooting scene as a possible homicide / missing person. Forensics spent hours processing the involved vehicle, confirming there was blood inside the vehicle. Detectives interviewed many people, and by Tuesday began realizing that this may have been a staged event. That is where the investigation stands to date. We believe that two people, Jose Robert Avalos and his girlfriend, staged this event to mimic a murder. We know possible motives, but I cannot disclose additional details, as we will file criminal cases on these two for Penal Code 42.06, False Alarm. This is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by up to (1) year confinement and $4,000 fines.

The Narcotics Division had several successful arrests, beginning with 2201 S. 18th. Three were arrested, and agents seized 39 grams of methamphetamine.

Jerome McQuerter B/M DOB 01/30/55 - 1F Man/Del Controlled Subs Meth
Jennifer Tijerina H/F DOB 09/27/78 - 1F Man/Del Controlled Subs Meth
Edy Farley W/F 09/29/94 - Fail to ID B/M, Poss. Marijuana B/M and a Warrant

Next they hit 2418 Westmoreland, where they arrested three more people and seized 74 grams of methamphetamine, 2 grams of marijuana, and a 12-guage shotgun.

Antonio Moreno H/M DOB 12/16/81 - 1F Man/Del Cont. Sub Meth, 3F Felon in possession of Firearm
Elias Tonche H/M DOB 08/26/63 - 1F Man/Del Cont. Sub Meth, 3F Felon in possession of Firearm; BM Poss of Marijuana
Jacqueline Tonche H/F DOB 06/23/91 – 1F Man/Del Cont. Sub Meth, BM Poss of Marijuana

One of their final warrants was served at 1441 Mesquite. This area has been historically known as an open-air drug market. Agents seized 3.6 grams of crack cocaine and a gram of marijuana.

Tyrone Collier B/M DOB 05/13/83 – 2F Man/Del Controlled Sub Crack Cocaine
A/M Evading Arrests
Antonio Atkins B/M DOB 04/08/95 – 2F Man/Del Controlled Sub Crack Cocaine
A/M Evading Arrests
B/M Poss Marijuana

A quick update on the Howard Collier investigation… Collier was arrested for Continuous Trafficking of Persons, which is a 1st degree felony. He resides at 581 Jolly Rogers. We continue to investigate many, many offenses, and we have conferred with the Taylor County District Attorney, Mr. Jim Hicks. Assistance was requested from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, and they have assigned (4) prosecutors to this case. These prosecutors specialize in Human Trafficking.

We continue to have stolen guns from vehicles. Please remove your guns from your vehicles. They should never be stored in a vehicle overnight, and especially long-term. Surprisingly, many victims do not have serial numbers of their stolen firearms, so we encourage our citizens to record this important information. Storage sheds continue to get broken into, so we also encourage our citizens to have an inventory of the contents in their storage sheds. Most citizens do not, so we are unable to return their property when we recover it from thieves.

Today our Fraud Unit arrested Randy Payne for Tampering with Evidence. Many of you will remember that we arrested the retired Dyess Assistant Fire Chief, Floyd Jones, for Online Solicitation of a Minor. Apparently Randy Payne is an Information Technology employee at Dyess who is a civilian. Randy allegedly warned Floyd Jones of his pending arrest, and early information suggests the warning allowed Floyd Jones to destroy evidence. Floyd has also been charged with Tampering. These offenses are 3rd degree felonies.

Now this case is a blast from the past. Some of you will remember that in 2014 Brandon Green fired numerous shots at a victim inside IHOP. A jury convicted him of Aggravated Assault, and he was given (10) years probation. In July 2015, the Street Crimes Unit investigated an Aggravated Robbery where Green and two females took another female’s purse during an assault. Green was in possession of a firearm and threatened the victim. A warrant was issued, and he was arrested in July 2017. I am happy to report that he has now been sentenced to (10) years in prison.

Lastly, I want to look at traffic crashes on Interstate 20. In recent weeks, and even the last few days, we have all heard about 18-wheeler crashes that have interrupted traffic on the interstate. The problem is much worse than most people realize.

It takes 312 feet to stop at 75 mph. The reaction distance is 164 ft. Therefore, it takes a total of 476 feet to observe a wreck and come to a stop when traveling at 75 mph. That is equivalent of 1.5 football fields.

The next slide represents only fatality crashes. In one year, we lost 18 people! We can do better; we must do better!


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