Holiday Fraud Tips (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Thursday, November 15, 2018, 11:55 (309 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – The holiday season is upon us. With the hustle and bustle of this time of year comes increased fraudulent activity. This year we would like to provide some helpful tips and reminders to help you to avoid a disaster this holiday season.

o Leave your wallet, bill fold or purse unattended in a shopping cart or vehicle
o Have your credit / debit card PIN and the card in the same location
o Display large amounts of cash
o Leave identifying information in your vehicle or in plain view at your home (Family and Friends are ideal targets for identity thieves)
• DO
o Have all your financial institution contact information in case a card does come up missing
o Contact financial institution immediately if you are missing a card
o Lock your vehicle

Businesses - Please post for employees to see
o Allow customer to dictate your transactions
o Allow customer to interrupt your normal processes
• DO
o Verify identity on card and check purchases with a valid identification
o Be aware of subjects making large gift card purchases with other GIFT CARDS
o Stay aware of subjects attempting to do a quick change scam
o When making change verify ALL the money EVERY time
o Keep cash drawer closed as much as possible
o Be very cautious of replica money
 Motion Picture Money – typically has “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” on the front SEE ATTACHED
 Chinese money – typically has Chinese letters in red on front or back SEE ATTACHED
 German money – typically has German writing across the top or bottom in small print SEE ATTACHED
o Perform large money counts / drops in pairs (verification and Safety)
o Perform money drops often and keep a minimal amount of cash accessible

Included are examples of bills which have been passed through the Abilene area. These include the motion picture money, money with Chinese and German writing.


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