Revised City Ordinance Re: Pedestrians in Roadways (Press Release)

by Public Information Officer, Thursday, March 28, 2019, 10:40 (303 days ago)

ABILENE, TX – On February 14, 2019, the Abilene City Council revised an ordinance that regulates pedestrians at or near a roadway. The Police Department will begin enforcement April 1, 2019. Violations of this ordinance are a Class C Misdemeanor, which can carry a fine that cannot exceed $500.

The goal of the ordinance is the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike in some of the busiest intersections and thoroughfares of Abilene.

Secs. 18-167. Stopping, Standing, Sitting or Remaining at Certain Intersections within the City of Abilene
(a) No pedestrian or other person, who is within a roadway, may stop, stand, sit or remain in any intersection or crosswalk for a period longer than is necessary to traverse said intersection or crosswalk.
(b) No pedestrian or other person may stop, stand, sit or remain within the immediate vicinity of any vehicle stopped on a roadway.
(c) It is specifically provided, however, that a pedestrian or other person may stop, stand, sit or remain on the surrounding sidewalks, but not in or on the roadway itself
(d) No pedestrian or other person shall stop, stand, sit or remain on or under any portion of a median, bridge, overpass, or viaduct for longer than is necessary to safely traverse said median, bridge, overpass or viaduct.
(e) The above provisions apply at the following locations:
(I) All intersections, access roads, and ramps adjacent to Winters Freeway from S. 1st Street to Buffalo Gap Road
(2) All intersections adjacent to:
Buffalo Gap Road from S. 27th Street to Antilley Road
Southwest Drive from Winters Freeway to Catclaw Drive
Business [-20 from US-83 (Winters Freeway) to N. Judge Ely Blvd.
S. 14th Street from Willis Street to Butternut Street
Judge Ely Blvd. from ES 1lth Street to EN 10th Street
Ambler Ave/SR 351 from Grape Street to East Lake Road
Treadaway Blvd. from E. Hwy 80 to S. 11th Street
Treadaway Blvd. from S. 27th Street to Industrial Blvd.


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